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Skin Lightening Treatment in Gurgaon

The skin loses the ability of self-repairing with increasing age, which may result in the damage and accumulation of melanin in the skin layers, and thereby, giving a darker tone to the skin. The cosmetic procedure skin lightening treatment in Gurgaon, also known as skin bleaching or skin whitening reduces the melanin pigment in the skin to give a whiter tone in complexion by lightening the dark areas of the skin. Melanin is a pigment that defines the pigmentation and thus, skin tone (or color) of any individual. People also turn towards the skin lightening method to treat freckles, spotting due to aging, acne, birthmarks, scars, and moles. While these treatments are effective for some time, it does not apply to everyone. Individuals with an existing medical condition are recommended to discuss their expectations and scenario with the dermatologist to gain knowledge and to make an informed decision.

Types of skin lightening treatment in Gurgaon

There are the majority of two types of skin lightening treatment in Gurgaon:

  • Skin lightening creams: usually a solution of corticosteroids or hydroquinone or glycolic acid. It is imperative to follow the prescribed medicine and use the product as recommended by your dermatologist. This treatment may continue for 3-4 months depending on your skin tone and damage. However, one of the most commonly observed side effects is swelling and redness along with burning sensations and itchy skin. These are temporary and may reduce over the period by following prescribed medicines. These products are not recommended for long-term use and do not guarantee a permanent effect.
  • Laser treatment: a concentrated beam of light energy is used to lighten the blemishes and dark tone patches of the skin. This method removes the outer layer of the skin (epidermis), or it may also work by damaging the skin cells producing melanin. This decision is taken by a dermatologist depending on your expectations and skin type. Your skin may take approximately 1-2 weeks to recover and it will stay sensitive to the sun for at least initial 6 months. The common side effects are swelling, redness, bruising, and blister formation which may pass after 1-2 weeks of treatment by regularly following the prescribed medicines.

These products and treatments reduce the concentration and production of the melanin pigment in the skin and also protect it from the sun to cause any damage.

What to expect after skin lightening treatment?

Your skin becomes more sensitive after the treatment and thus, it is recommended to use high-quality sunscreen products to avoid any damage from the sun rays. During the recovery period, it is suggested not to use any chemical-based soap or face wash and prefer natural or medicated products that help soothe your skin. Avoid scrubbing or touching the treated areas. Follow the prescribed medications of painkillers and ointments to reduce any expected side effects of redness or pain or swelling. You must follow a healthy and balanced diet with an optimum intake of water to keep your skin refreshed. You must inculcate basic practices of skincare in your routine by using high-quality products. Regular complement sessions are necessary to maintain the skin tone.

Skin lightening treatment cost in Gurgaon

The cost varies with factors such as skin type, target area, size of the area, equipment used, dermatologist’s experience, clinic hospital location along with the infrastructure and facilities, number of sessions required, and post-operative follow-up consultations. This determines the cost of the treatment in the range of INR 5,000-30,000 for laser treatments where skin lightening creams may range in between INR 200-2,000 depending on whether it’s prescription or over the counter.

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