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Mesotherapy Treatment in Gurgaon

Aging skin can be characterized by wrinkles, fine lines, and a baggy appearance. Aging is certain, but its effects can be slowed down with a variety of anti-aging treatments. Mesotherapy is one such age-reversal treatment that gives impressive results. It is the most preferred anti-aging treatment and has gained immense popularity. This treatment allows withdrawal or slowing down of many unfavorable adjustments and establishes a valuable component of anti-aging medications and treatments.

At Citrine Clinic, we offer premium services for Mesotherapy as an anti-aging treatment along with other medical procedures. Our clinic is patient-friendly, and our staff is highly experienced. We aim to offer the best services for mesotherapy treatment in Gurgaon

Benefits of Mesotherapy

It is always better to consult a skin specialist and let the doctor thoroughly examine the skin. The benefits of mesotherapy are extensive and give excellent results in lowering the rate of aging-

  • The improved metabolism rate of skin cells 
  • Stimulation of fibroblasts that are designed to produce more collagen and elastin
  • ulation of new blood vessels
  • Improved microcirculation that gives the skin a younger appearance
  • Stimulation of skin cells by replacing new skin cells
  • Controlled formulation of harmful free radicals 
  • Fights fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Combats sagging

How is mesotherapy performed?

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the delivery of medicated substances into the deep layers of skin (dermis and subcutis). The procedure is performed involving the administration of substances via injections. These substances contain various types of FDA-approved medicines, vitamins, and minerals that are good for the skin and fight to age. Skin doctors usually apply a mixture of essential vitamins, amino acids, organic silica, other microelements, hyaluronic acid that is very good for skin rejuvenation, and vegetable extracts.

Topical anesthesia is given to make the treatment procedure pain-free.

It involves a set of very small (micro) injections just under the skin. 

It gives the patient's skin a well-rested, radiant, lustrous, and firmer skin. It is always better to consult a skilled doctor who can provide guidance about the treatment benefits and detail how much mesotherapy treatment cost in Gurgaon

This anti-aging treatment that aids in wrinkle smoothing allows the skin to feel reinvigorated and rejuvenated. This procedure actively aids in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines by the release of charged-up ingredients. The injecting device is a fully automated tool and is a virtually pain-free procedure. The sterile active cocktail of essential substances is injected into the targeted area in a controlled manner using very fine needles. This is one of the best and most popular procedures that defers the natural aging process. 

At Citrine Clinic, our anti-aging treatments can help the skin massively delay the rate of aging. Our doctors are highly skilled and give advanced care. Defer aging at the best Mesotherapy clinic in Gurgaon.

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