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Lip Enhancement Surgery in Gurgaon

Fuller lips are commonly associated with youth and make a face appear more proportionate. Uneven lip sizes and thin lips can make a face appear unappealing. Pouty lips have been coveted since times immemorial. Lip augmentation and enhancement surgery are popular among those who want to improve and enhance the appearance of their natural lips.

Citrine Clinic’s revolutionary lip enhancement surgery in Gurgaon provides excellent outcomes with few complications and minimal downtime.

What exactly is lip augmentation surgery?

Lip augmentation surgery involves dermal or injectable filler or implants to augment, shape and contour the overall lips.

Lip augmentation surgery in Gurgaon employs either a surgical or non-surgical method. Lip implants are a surgical procedure for lip enhancement. Lip fillers, fat fillers and lip improvement procedures such as infusions, are among typical non-surgical augmentation surgery choices.

Lip fillers: Lip fillers are one of the most regularly used ways of lip augmentation. It comprises injectable fillers being injected around and in the lips. It is a very minimally invasive procedure and produces rapid results. The benefits can be seen within an hour itself. Lip fillers are classified into two types: collagen-based and hyaluronic acid-based.

  • Collagen is used as the primary material in collagen-based lip fillers. These are typically generated from one of two primary sources: bovine or human collagen.
  • Another prominent type is hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers, which are popular, since hyaluronic acid occurs naturally. They can significantly improve the lips’ shape, structure and volume. The effects of a hyaluronic acid-based lip filler might easily last for 6–7 months.

Fat fillers: In most cases, the patient’s body fat is injected to give the lips a rounder and fuller appearance. Because the fat is similar to the person’s body, there is no immune reaction.

Lip implants: Lip implants are a common type of lip enhancement treatment in addition to lip fillers. These procedures use soft, thin silicone gel implants put into the lips to shape and improve their look.

Who is a good candidate for lip enhancement surgery in Gurgaon?

Several considerations must be taken before undergoing surgery. A good candidate for the surgery is someone who meets the following criteria:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Has very thin lips and wishes to improve their look
  • Do not have any current skin disorders
  • Is not pregnant or breastfeeding at the moment
  • Has no serious or long-term health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure
Post-surgical recovery after lip augmentation surgery

With non-surgical procedures like lip injections or fillers, recovery is quite simple, with little downtime. After the surgery, bruising and swelling are frequent, but they will go away with time.

For a few days following the lip augmentation surgery, there may be moderate to mild pain, as well as bruising and swelling. Generally, a cool compress on the skin can assist reduce swelling. Following a liquid diet for a few days following surgery is also often advised.

Another thing to keep in mind is to limit physical activities because they might place undue pressure on the body.

As the bruising starts to fade, most patients can resume their regular routines within a week following the procedure. After the procedure, the sutures placed within the mouth begin to dissolve independently.

The effects of lip augmentation surgery, particularly filler injections, can last anywhere from 6 months to a year.

When done correctly, fat injections can endure for a very long period. Lip implants are usually permanent, and the results last a long time.

How much does lip enhancement surgery cost in Gurgaon?

The cost of lip enhancement surgery in Gurgaon varies depending on the surgeon and the procedure used. Some of the things that might influence the overall cost are as follows:

  • The clinic’s geographical location
  • A surgeon’s fee
  • The surgical facility’s charge
  • The expense of anaesthesia
  • Preoperative medical examination
  • Medicines and prescriptions
  • The treatment is chosen for surgery

Citrine has been the leading facility in Delhi for lip enhancement surgery. At Citrine, we believe it is more important to choose a clinic and a surgeon based on expertise, experience and patient testimonies than on cost. Lip augmentation surgery is a complex treatment with permanent results, and it demands skillful hands. Selecting a doctor like Niti Gaur for your operation is critical, as a good surgeon can take your appearance to a whole new level.

Make an appointment with Citrine now to get your lips enhanced.

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