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FUE Hair Transplant in Gurgaon

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant in Gurgaon is a procedure which involves extraction of individual hair follicles one-by-one from the donor area with the help of the small microneedles and tiny punches around a hair follicle. FUE is considered as a replacement of the traditional approach of follicular unit transplantation (FUT) which included implanting an entire piece of the scalp or skin. FUE targets towards goals of natural and permanent solution of balding or hair thinning using minimally invasive technique, minimally visible scars, and requiring no stitches.

Who is the ideal candidate for FUE Hair Transplant in Gurgaon?

The ideal candidate for FUE hair transplant in Gurgaon would be a person having balding or hair thinning issues. However, there should be enough and denser hair available in the nearby skin area which can act as a donor for transplantation. Any individuals requiring corrections or repairs from their previous transplant can also opt for FUE. If individuals had undergone FUT previously, they can opt for FUE due to the tight scalp.

How does a hair transplant work?

FUE hair transplant is a type of restoration procedure executed to implant more hair to an area(s) that is affected due to thinning or balding. The procedure includes taking or plucking the hair from areas, like the face or legs that have hair and transferring it to a hairless portion of the area(s). Apart from the hair on the head, the procedure can also be used for brows or lashes. In FUE, an entire tuft of hair can be taken from the area of the back of your head or maybe other parts of the body depending on the thickness and density. The body part from where the hair will be removed is sterilised. Then, hundreds or thousands of punch incisions are made on the back of the head from where the hair follicles are directly extracted. Once implanted, the head should remain covered with gauze and bandages. Three to four sessions are required to complete the procedure to achieve the personalised requirement of covering the area.

Complications and potential side effects

The scarring would be minimal or not visible at all, however, you may observe white dots at the areas from where follicles were extracted. These spots or dots will fade over time. There are other common side effects which are listed as follows:

  • Drainage or crust formation at the treated area
  • Swelling or pain at the surgical site
  • A sensation of tingling or numbness at the surgical site

If you experience any thinning or balding at the treated site after the procedure, it is necessary to consult the doctor for appropriate treatment

What to expect after a hair transplant?

FUE is a quick recovery technique since it is minimally invasive. However, swelling and discomfort may continue for 3 days. It is imperative to follow post-operative care with a proper routine to achieve desired outcomes. The results will be observed by 3–4 months.

  • Do not take shower or wash your hair for at least 3 days.
  • Once hair wash is started, use prescribed and gentle shampoos.
  • Take optimum rest to facilitate healing.
  • Avoid brushing and combing for up to 3 weeks.
  • Avoid covering your hair by wearing hats or beanies till your doctor confirms.
  • Avoid any strenuous physical activity.
  • Follow a balanced diet and optimum water intake.
  • Follow prescribed medications and routine visits for any adequate treatment, if required.
Success Rate of FUE Hair Transplant in Gurgaon

Data from clinical studies have revealed that about 85–95% of the implanted grafts grow easily in the transplanted area. This data supports the high efficiency and success rate of the hair transplant procedure based on the customer’s satisfaction, which is an important aspect of the calculation. If the surgeon takes a detail-oriented approach, different techniques might even increase the success rate to 95–95%.

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