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Eye Perk

It is an advanced, non-invasive multi-step procedure which exfoliates, hydrates and rejuvenates the under-eye area.

How does it Work?

Eye perk involves the following steps:

Facial cleansing, followed by exfoliation, removes the upper dead cell layer. This is followed by the infusion of eye revitalising serum by electroporation technique, which reduces pigmentation, and has anti-ageing properties. A single session may take up to 30 minutes. An under-eye serum is given to the patient to apply daily at home.

Who can get it done?

Eye perk is recommended for patients of all age groups and skin types for the following indications:

  1. for under eye rejuvenation
  2. for periorbital pigmentation
  3. under eye puffiness

What are its advantages?

  • It is a non-invasive, painless procedure
  • The results are usually visible instantly.
  • It reduces under eye pigmentation and puffiness.
  • It promotes skin rejuvenation.

What does it do?

Eye perk involves deep cleansing and exfoliation using an exfoliating serum, which removes the upper pigmented cell layer and stimulates the underlying cells to replicate, leading to cell rejuvenation.

This is followed by an infusion of serums which contain depigmenting, hydrating and anti-ageing properties.

Therefore, this procedure involves the removal of old, pigmented cells and promotes the formation of new skin, which gives a more youthful appearance.


Q1 How many sessions are required?

Ans. Around 4 sessions at a gap of 2-4 weeks are recommended.

Q2. What care is recommended after the procedure? 

Ans The following aftercare is recommended:

  • Strict sun protection
  • Use of moisturizers for 2 weeks after the procedure
  • Under-eye serum should be applied twice daily.
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