Laser Hair Removal in Summers
By Citrine Clinic
Laser Hair Removal in Summers

Looking presentable at all times has become a compulsion in today’s fast-paced life. One of the most common grooming problems faced by youngsters is unwanted hair. Lately, people are constantly looking for ways to simplify their lives by searching for permanent solutions to their problems. Having to shave, wax, or thread off unwanted hair constantly is a tedious job for many who find it taxing to visit the salon regularly to get rid of this hair. Laser hair removal is an effective noninvasive procedure that uses concentrated beams of light to destroy the hair follicles thereby resulting in permanent hair reduction. This is a quick and safe treatment and more and more people are opting for it. This treatment is more popular with females but nowadays even men are considering this procedure as it assures long-lasting results.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser Hair reduction is one of the most commonly done procedures at a Dermatologist’s clinic. During the procedure, an intense light beam is focused on the hair follicles which is absorbed by the pigments present in them. The high heat generated by the laser shrinks the follicles due to which future hair growth is restricted. Laser hair removal procedure works to permanently stop or slow down hair growth by up to 75-90%. Since laser treatment is the only effective procedure on hair that is in its growing phase (anagen phase) multiple sessions are required for the treatment to be successful and effective. Also, further treatment may be required in the future for maintenance.

Usually, around 4 to 6 sessions may be required for the best results which can stretch up to six months as intervals of around 4 to 6 weeks is required between the sessions. However, the hair growth pattern is different for every individual, sometimes a few added sessions may be required.

Different laser devices are used for treating different types of skin tones and hair color.

How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal?

Before the initial treatment, it is necessary to consult a DERMATOLOGIST who will analyze your medical history and discuss the pros and cons of this procedure with you. Waxing or threading must be stopped around a couple of weeks before the treatment is initiated. On the contrary, shaving off the area is recommended before the treatment as the hair follicles and the shaft are left undisturbed and save you from potential burns as the laser light does not target the hair above the skin.

Earlier, it was advised to prevent intense sun exposure a month before starting lasers but now with the advent of new and precise technologies summers are indeed a good time to start with the laser sessions because in this season everyone wants to be ‘ hair free ‘ and wear loose cotton clothing and also enjoy the holiday season carefreely.

What to expect during the session?

At the beginning of the treatment, the hair in the area will be trimmed. An eye gear for protection of the eyes and an anesthetic or cold gel will be applied to protect the skin. Then the laser shots will be given on the area. After the procedure is completed, an ice pack or anti-inflammatory cream to soothe any discomfort is recommended.

Post-procedure care

For a couple of days post the treatment apply ice packs, moisturizers, and sunscreen on the treated skin. This will help prevent any irritation. Avoid undergoing other beauty treatments in the area for up to a week post the session. Mild side effects such as redness, blisters, and, swelling may occur. Permanent side effects such as scarring and discoloration of the skin are quite unusual and rare.

Types of Lasers

Diode: Though Diode Laser is used for all skins, it is most effective on darker skin tones. It is best used to treat larger areas as it has quick repetition rates so it can cover a larger area in a short time.

Alexandrite: This device is suitable for treating people with light skin tones and is highly effective on thin fine hair. It is highly effective in treating large body areas as it is the fastest of all lasers and has a good penetration rate. However, it is not recommended for people with darker skin tones. It may cause changes in the skin pigment

Nd: Yag: This laser is used for all skin types, especially on tanned or dark skin. It can rapidly target a large area of the body; nevertheless, it is not effective on fine and light-colored hair. Another drawback is that it is comparatively more painful than other lasers and has a potential risk of causing scars, redness, burns, discoloration, and, swelling attached to it.

Ruby: This laser is suitable to treat light skin tone and is the best option for light fine hair. As it has a slow repetition rate it is used to treat smaller areas. It causes minimum discomfort and provides long-term results.

Triple-wavelength diode laser: the latest advances in Laser hair reduction treatment is the use of triple wavelength technology with the aim of providing greater versatility and precision in treatments. The latest device using this technology is Primelase HR. Its 3 wavelengths (755nm, 810nm and 1060nm) and the combined wavelength (810nm, 940nm, 1060nm) in one applicator means that all kinds of clients can be treated without limitation of skin type, hair type or time of year with maximum effectiveness and safety. Primelase HR Diode laser platform with the highest peak power in the market (4800W) has given the advantage of treating thick and fine hair in all skin types. Both smaller and larger body areas can be covered with minimum duration and discomfort.

Cost of Laser hair reduction

Generally, the laser hair removal cost is highly reasonable and each session ranges from around Rs.1800.00 to Rs.38000.00 depending on the treatment area. You may think this treatment to be costly initially, but in the long run, you save more money as you no longer have to go in for waxing or invest in razors and shaving cream.

The success rate of laser hair removal

Indeed, laser hair removal is a permanent treatment but a lot depends on your bodily traits such as hair color, thickness, skin tone, and other hormonal issues. Sometimes after the treatment, a few hairs might grow back as these may have been in the resting phase during the duration of the treatment. This can easily be rectified by added follow-up sessions.

On the whole, this is a great procedure which will give you a fabulous smooth skin.

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